From R45,000.00

The key feature of the Neon² is a reinforced open-frame. The firmness of the cross-brace and seat tubes provide a fantastic level of performance with a rigid feel, the design reduces the flex of the wheelchair when in motion, without sacrificing the benefits of a folding frame. So you have the benefits of a rigid wheelchair but convenienlty packaged into a folding wheelchair.

There are literally hundreds of options and specifications to choose from, resulting in a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle

  • Standard folding as well as fold down backrest (also angle adjustable)
  • Various rear wheel and castor options
  • Flip up solid footplate- autofold
  • 27 colours to choose from
  • Wide range of armrests and sideguard options
  •  Prices vary considerably depending on  factors such as specifications chosen and current exchange rate. Call us for a quick estimate on your next wheelchair.
Maximum User Weight: 140 kg
Seat Width: 30 – 50 cm
Seat Depth: 34 – 50 cm
Back Height: 25 – 47,5 cm
Backrest Angle: 75 to 103 degrees
Colours: 32